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We are specialists and well versed in all kind of  emergency drain unblocking services in the Essex and nearby area. We’ve never failed our customers and will not fail you.  Give  a call now For the best drainage company in Essex.

toilet drain locking

Block Toilet/Sinks

Having a running toilet? The sink isn't working correctly? Call MDS Drainage to fix all toilet and sinks issues quickly

Unblocking Toilet/Sinks

No matter what kind of problem: toiler or sink; we’ll fix all. Hire MDS Drainage, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Blocked Down Pipes icon

Blocked Down pipes

If your down-pipe isn't working properly to carry the rainwater, then you'll need professional help like - MDS Drainage.

Unblocking Down pipes

Don’t leave your down-pipe issues hanging. To avoid down-pipe trouble contact us now.

Drain blocking icon

Blocked Drains

A blocked drain is a menace to homeowners and business owners alike. Fix all drain issues with us.

Drain Unblocking

Rest easy from your drain issues with MDS Drainage— the best drain services company around.

Blocked Gutter icon


Is your gutter blocked and it's not working correctly? Contact us and our experts will be right on their way.

Blocked Guttering

No matter what kind of guttering issues, we can fix them all. We’ll fix all your gutter issues fast and efficiently.

Blocked pipe icon

Blocked Pipes

Call us now - one of the best company to call for when you need to fix your pipes. We can guarantee our services.

Unblocking Pipes

Whether it’s inspecting the pipes or unblocking pipes— We will solve all your pipe issues with just one call.

CCTV drains survey icon

CCTV Survey

Troubled over unseen drainage problem? No drainage issue can stay hidden from our CCTV drains survey.

CCTV Drains Survey

You can now have accurate and efficient solutions to your drainage problems with our CCTV drains survey.

Descaling icon


Have your pipes become old? We can help you. We'll inspect your pipes and descale the pipes like they were new.


No need to worry about old pipes anymore with Our pipe descaling service. Call us for a perfect descaling now.

Drain cleaning and jetting icon

Drain Cleaning

Cleaning drains can't become any easier with our drain cleaning service— contact us now.

Drain Cleaning & Jetting

Clean and unclog your drain with one of the best jetting services in the industry— Call Now.

Commercial drains icon

Commercial Drains

Looking for an experienced plumber for your commercial drain? Leave it to our specialized commercial plumbers.

Commercial Drains

Our specialists are trained and qualified to work with all commercial drain issues.

Drain Flooding icon


Are you suddenly faced with drain flooding? Call us now our expert team will assess and fix the problem immediately.

Drain Flooding

Drain flooding is no longer an issue with MDS Drainage by your side. As long as you call us quickly, we can assure you of our services.

Drain Installation icon

Drain Installation

Moving into a new house and installing a drain from scratch can be very hard. Leave it to us, and we'll get the job done.

Drain Installation

Call Us, and we will install your drain for you fast and efficiently as possible with competitive price.

Drain repairs icon

Drain Repairs

Have your drain stopped working? Contact Us, we'll repair your drain and get it running as soon as possible.

Drain Repairs

Repair your drain and save extra money with the best drain repair services from one of the tops in the industry.

Rodding drain

Drain Rodding

If you're having trouble unclogging your drain; call us, and we'll clear your drain with our drain rodding service.

Drain Rodding

Whether it’s your drain or sewer all clogging problem is easy with our unique rodding service.

High Pressure Cleaning icon

High Pressure

No need to worry about heavy blockage in your drain. We'll clean your drain perfectly with our high-pressure cleaning.

High Pressure Cleaning

You can call us when you think your drain is clogged too much and you need high-pressure cleaning to clear away the blockages.

Contracts icon


Make a maintenance contract with MDS Drainage and keep your household free from all kind of drainage issues.

Maintenance Contracts

Our maintenance contracts offer all our services at competitive prices. Save money and effort with our maintenance contract.


Our Core Values

Our core values lie in our excellent services and our sincerity in satisfying all our customer’s need fast and efficiently at competitive prices. And we are prided to keep our promises over all the years.

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“Nothing can go wrong with MDS Drainage. Fabulous work and the plumbers were nice as well. I highly recommend MDS Drainage to all.”

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“I’ve worked with other companies before, but I’ve never found any other companies with such great services as MDS Drainage. I’m hiring them again for sure.”


Need Emergency Drainage Company in Essex

Are you in need of emergency services for your drain? We are always available 24/7 a day and 365 a year. Upon your calling and our agreement, our plumbing engineer will leave immediately to your location immediately.



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