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Blocked Drains service in East Buckinghamshire, and North Heartfordshire Provide Emergency Drainage Clearance – 24/7. MDS Drainage has in the industry for more than 30 years. And we’ve earned ourselves as one of the best companies with blocked drains services in East Buckinghamshire and in the surrounding area. We won’t fail you; it’s a promise. But before that, you’ll need to know more about blocked drains.


You might not notice usually; however, a drain works unseen daily to ensure that the wastewater leaves your property and enter the sewer unhindered. Consequently, when the drain gets clogged with objects that shouldn’t be in wastewater the drain gets blocked. In other words, a drainage system isn’t designed to carry anything other than water, however, sometimes other materials get carries to the pipe systems. As a result, the drain will get blocked causing problems to your property.

Blocked Drains East Buckinghamshire

Clogged drains East Buckinghamshire are downright nasty for various reasons. A blocked drain is a real inconvenience in the household and most of all disgusting. One day a stomach upsetting smell come into your nose, and you find the drain is blocked. Just that is enough to ruin your day, and you will find yourself sighing. That’s how troublesome a blocked drain is. In order to stop the risk of flooding and to prevent the curdling nose odors, you need to unblock the drain as soon as possible.

Main Reasons For a Blocked Drains

First of all, the bad odors will hinder you and might make you dizzy without proper care. Second, in addition to harmful bacteria, a drain may contain dead animals too— which might affect your health badly without proper equipment. A drain blockage can be one of the worst problems a household can face. Sometimes you might find hair, plants, dirt, toiletries in the drain and these are the main reason for a drain to get blocked.

Other causes for a drain blockage are:

Sanitary products

Some feminine products take a long time to break down; hence they can block a drain, besides these materials should be placed in the bin.


Like sanitary products, these are hard to break down and contribute to blocking a drain.

Tree roots

Tree roots can take place inside a drainage system which can block the drain. Sometimes these tree roots can even crush the pipes and prevent the wastewater from escaping.

Leaves and debris

A drain can get blocked by debris and leaves.

Fats and oils

Sometimes oil in the sewer system can create fatbergs which can cause some severe blockages which are really difficult to remove. Therefore, call for our expert plumber at Mdsdrainage.

Don’t Try To Do It On Your Own

You can try to challenge the task of unblocking the drain; however, we don’t recommend it— as excluding even the odors from the drain, the bad hygienes from the drain will affect your health if you don’t have any training.

Hire Experts Like MDS Drainage  in East Buckinghamshire, and North Hertfordshire

At any rate, you should hire an expert plumber who has prior experience with this kind of work. Our Mdsdrainage has expert plumbers with an abundance of experience in unblocking drains in East Buckinghamshire, and North Hertfordshire area. So you don’t have to worry and wait— in the meanwhile, our plumbers will unblock your drain. Although we might be a little expensive, however, drainage plumbing, in general, is costly, and we are on the cheaper side where we charge competitive prices for all our services. Moreover, we finish our jobs within a day usually.  A blocked drain will cause trouble not only for you but also for your neighbors as well. On another note, it would be better to solve your drain problem immediately for your health and mind.

Call for us when you notice block drains in East Buckinghamshire, and North Hertfordshire:

Slow drainage of baths, sinks, toilets, and showers

Usually, any of these may have problems on their own; however, a lot of time clogged sinks, toilet, and showers may have been caused by a clogged drain. If you notice any of the symptoms call for us. And we’ll look into it if there is any drainage problem immediately.

No drainage at all

If there is no drainage at all, then the problem might be severe. The drain might be blocked heavily, or some other issue might be causing it to happen. In other words, check the drain occasionally and see if there are other materials than wastewaters. Clean the drains with the help of professional sweepers.

Wastewater is coming back up into baths and showers

If the pipe system to the sewer is blocked, the wastewater might reverse and come into your baths and showers. Once you call us, we will send an expert plumber to your location and will look into it immediately. So, you can rest easy.

We pride ourselves in our fast services and if you have any drainage problems including blocked drains, toilet/sinks, down-pipes, guttering, etc. Reach out to us to fix your drainage issues for good.

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