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Are you troubled with your blocked pipe? No worry. Leave it to MDS Drainage— one of the top drainage company in Northeast Buckinghamshire do the job. We’ve been in the industry for a long time now and we can assure of our service quality.

Pipes Are Essential

When a house is constructed pipes are also built along with the house because pipes are an essential component to help carry the wastes into the ground level or to the drain. Waste pipes help the house carry off the waste from the toilets/sinks to the drain pipes and finally to the sewers. If any of the pipes are blocked then the toilet, kitchen sink, shower, and laundry tubs will not carry the wastewater properly which may cause a disaster to your home in the long term.

Ready For Your Call

Without the pipes, your house will stop functioning altogether. That’s why it’s important to keep your pipes blockage free whether its the waste pipes or the sewer pipes. Sometimes you can fix a little clog in the toilet or sink with a plunger or with a bit of knowledge, but if the pipes get blocked, it is not recommended to do anything to the pipes and call for a plumber immediately. Our expert plumber at Mdsdrainage is always ready for your call.

Why Us

As for why call us, it’s because of our long reputation and our fast services. We have plumbers who have a lot of experience and do works like unblocking pipes, down-pipes, drains, guttering, toilet/sinks regularly. We’ll solve the problem speedily, and you don’t have to worry about your pipes getting blocked again.

Keep You Flush Pipe Friendly

Keep in mind not to flush materials that are likely to get stuck in the pipes through the toilet or sinks or the problem will occur again and this time your pipes might get cracked, and the wastewater can overflow in your home which can harm your health severely. You shouldn’t flush these materials, or a blocked pipe may occur.

  • Don’t flush tissues including toilet tissues.
  • Avoid flushing plastic, paper, and cardboard.
  • You shouldn’t flush cotton wool and cotton buds.
  • Don’t flush cigarettes and cigarette ash.
  • Avoid flushing large quantities of fat including chip fat.


But not everyone can notice the abnormalities happening in the pipe, and that might turn fatal for your home. That’s why it’s also important to know some signs of a blocked pipe.

Be cautious and call us when you notice these signs:

Changes in water pressure and water flow

If you see any change in the amount of water coming out from the sink or toilet then it might indicate a problem in the pipes; usually, something is blocking the pipe, and water flow have changed. Your priority is to find if there is a block in the pipe and if you see the blockage call MDS Drainage and we’ll send our expert plumber right away.


If there’s a bad smell coming from your kitchen sink, shower, bathtub, and toilet, then there’s a high chance of a blocked pipe. A bad smell is one of the most prominent signs of a blocked pipe which may indicate an accumulation of debris, food, hair, and other materials are causing a blockage of your pipe. Keep in mind that the bad smell gets worse by how significant the obstruction is. If you start smelling something bad, don’t hesitate to call us.

Strange noises

You might hear some strange noises from your drain or a peculiar gurgling noise sounding when water is draining from your sink or shower which might indicate a problem in your pipe, usually a blockage. Usually when water disruptions happen, and when water hits whatever blocking the pipe these sounds occur.

Taking too long to drain

Have you noticed the water is draining too slow from your sink or shower? Or water is taking too long to drain in the bathtubs or toilets? It’s highly likely a problem because of blocked pipes. Usually, bath and toilet water create a whirlpool above the drain to indicate that it’s working efficiently and showers don’t take more than one or two seconds to turn empty. Sink water drains quickly with no bubbles or backwash. If you’ve noticed any of these taking longer than usual, then it’s highly possible of debris blocking the pipes.

Some Other Things To Keep In Mind

Another thing you should keep in mind is that if the sewer line is blocked, then the problem will escalate quickly. A sewer line is the large main pipe that collects all the water from your toilets and drains remove it from your home. You can imagine what can happen if the main pipe gets blocked. There is a big chance that there’s a blockage in the main pipe you notice these signs.

  • Multiple drains are affected
  • Wastewater backing up into your home
  • Small pieces of tree root are visible in backed up water

Main pipe blocking is a different level problem compared to a regular drain clog or backed up toilet. It would be best for you not to do anything till our plumber arrives in the location and you can rest easy. We can guarantee the best price amongst many plumbing companies for our services including unblocking pipes, down-pipes, drains, guttering, toilet/sinks, and many more.

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