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Blocked Toilet And Blocked Sink Service In North Essex, Bedfordshire And Nearby Area

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One day you wake up and see that the sink of your kitchen or toilet is blocked. Furthermore, you see your toilet is blocked which might seem a nightmare to you but don’t worry too much. You can hire a professional plumber to fix the blocked Sinks or blocked toilet problem completely. We know that it might be embarrassing for you especially if your toilet gets blocked. But you don’t need to feel any embarrassment when calling for a plumber from MDS Drainage. Because we are one of the best drainage company in North Essex, and Bedfordshire providing toilet and sinks blocked services in London. Moreover, our plumbers do these kinds of jobs regularly. Your toilet isn’t flushing, or it’s overflowing— call MDS Drainage. Once you call us our experienced and expert plumber will leave to your location. And assess the issues before start fixing them.

Top Sinks Services From MDS Drainage

Is your kitchen sink draining slowly or not even working at all? Or a bad smell coming from it? MDS Drainage is here for you with our top quality drainage services. Not only our services are of high quality, but also our plumbers are as well. Our professionally trained experts will fix all your sinks issues entirely and fast.

Competitive Prices and Better Performance

MDS Drainage offers competitive prices for all services, and you can solve your drainage problems for good with our services. Generally, drainage plumbing is costly; however, we are on the cheaper side than most other companies albeit with better performance. Although you might find a lof guides online telling how to unblock sink and toilet, etc. But it is not recommended you follow those guides if you have no technical knowledge.

Try Not To Do It On Your Own

Trying to fix a toilet or sink issue by yourself is foolish when you have no technical knowledge. Furthermore, even if you can unblock your toilet or sink temporarily. The problem will get bigger sooner or later without professional help. Besides, it would be dangerous if the problem is deeply rooted inside, so, it would be better to leave it to professionals. You can consult us through the phone for free and if the toilet or sink is still causing problems – we will immediately send an experienced and expert plumber your way. Be sure to explain your issues thoroughly for our plumber to understand your needs.

Call for us immediately if you have these problems:

At first, your toilet isn’t flushing properly or not flushing at all. Second, your toilet is overflowing. And finally, your kitchen or bathroom sink is draining slowly or not draining at all.

Refrain from putting the following substances inside your sink:

  • Tissues including toilet tissues
  • Plastic, paper, and cardboard
  • Cotton wool and cotton buds
  • Cigarettes and cigarette ash
  • Large quantities of fat including chip fat
  • A bad smell is coming from your sink.


Most of the time a blocked toilet is a sign of a deeper problem which you can’t get rid of your own. The best you can do is to diagnose the issue a bit

with a plunger before our plumber arrives and you can surmise your finding to our plumber. Sometimes a blocked toilet may reveal some of the inherent difficulties like blocked plumbing vents, problems with your drain line, the water supply isn’t providing enough water, and weak flush or lower water pressure. Likewise for your sinks.

Call MDS Drainage

Rather than trying to solve the issue yourself, calling professional experts like MDS Drainage will be better for both you and toiler or sinks. And once you call us our expert plumber will go to your location, address all of your issues and relieve you of your toilet and sink problems entirely. A blocked toilet and sink might seem simple; however, it could be much complex than you think. We also provide services such as unblocking drains, down-pipes, guttering and many more.

Call us if you have any plumbing problems and we’ll provide the best services for you. Whether it’s a blocked drain or guttering leave it all to us— Contact Msddrainage for a speedy and complete solution of your drainage issues including toilet and sinks.

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