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Drain Flooding Help In Northeast Essex, Northeast Buckinghamshire And Nearby

A drain carries all the wastewater from your house to the sewer system which helps out your household a lot. But flooding is inevitable sometimes even if you’ve prepared beforehand. And when drain flooding happens, MDS Drainage is the best drain flooding helps you can get in North Essex, Northeast Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and North Hertfordshire. The biggest reason for drain flooding is too much water pressure that the drain pipes can’t handle,

 Which can happen for various reasons:

  • Tree root or a large amount of debris has been blocking the drain for an extended period, and your drain cannot carry wastewater from the house to the sewer properly.
  • Flooding can occur during summer or spring storm when heavy rain occurs, and sewers get overloaded.
  • Flooding can also happen when catch basins or culverts are blocked. Keep your catch basins clear of leaves, and debris. Sweep occasionally to clear the leaves and debris to prevent debris from entering the sewer system.

Note: Some objects shouldn’t be in the drainage systems such as diapers, wipes, paper towels, rags, dental floss, etc. Meaning you shouldn’t flush these objects through your toilet or drains.

Help From Professionals

Flooding cannot be fixed without the help of professional and experienced drainage expert. And we are just the right company for it. Mdsdrainage has the best plumbers experienced with flooding situation and who resolved numerous drain flooding. Call us immediately after you’ve noticed flooding.

If you’re experiencing with drain flooding check a few things before calling us:

  • First, check to confirm if you are responsible for the issue.
  • Second, check with your neighbors if they’re facing problems with flooding too.
  • Third, if it is, then it’s highly likely the problem is with one section of the sewer, and you should call us promptly.
  • Lastly, if the response is no, then the problem is probably unique to your own drain where the drain might be blocked. In that case, you should call us, and we’ll send a plumber right your way.

Danger Of Flooding

Sometimes the sewer can get overwhelmed with water because of heavy rain or blockage, and if that happens the sewer sends the water right back up through the drain then a basement flooding might occur which can be dangerous. Flooding, in general, is dangerous but flooding inside the house is even more dangerous because not only this flooding will cause your expensive items inside the house to get wasted but also can cause severe issues to your home as well. If the backed up water is rainwater, then there is a possibility of mold growth inside the house. Mold can grow undetected and can ruin your entire home while causing serious health problem for you. If a basement flooding happens call Mdsdrainage with no delay. And you should be aware of some precautions if a basement flooding occurs in your house.


  1. It’s always dangerous inside a flooded basement because of electrocution. Be careful of the water and wait till the water recedes or wait for our plumber reach.
  2. There’s a high chance of the flooded water to be contaminated with sewage. So you should wear rubber gloves and boots to minimize skin contact. Be aware not to smoke, eat, or touch your face while in the area with contaminated water.
  3. Since the flooded are might carry harmful bacteria, don’t let children or pets near the flooded area.
  4. Dispose of all of the food wet with the flooded water and do not eat them any circumstances. Be careful not to let your family eat wet foods as well. In case you need the foods no matter what then disinfect the wet foods with a general disinfectant solution.
  5. Dispose of any medicines and personal products that came in touch with the flooded water.
  6. Avoid using your plumbing until our plumber arrives and the problem fixed.

Wait For Our Plumbers To Arrive

The reasons you should be careful is because while we arrive very soon as our client’s call usually. But depending on the distance, it might take up to few hours which might be fatal for you and your home if you don’t know the danger of drain flooding. After our plumber arrives, you don’t need to worry anymore and follow the instruction of our plumber. And you can be assured of our service with the best and advanced tools paired with the best plumbers in the industry.

Our services also include unblocking pipes, down-pipes, drains, guttering, toilets/sinks, and many more. We are proud to be one of the few drainage companies who has qualified plumbers who can deal with drain flooding.

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