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Make Maintenance Contracts And Save Extra

Every household needs proper plumbing for one’s drain from a professional and expert plumber for the house to work correctly. You might not know, but drainage companies offer maintenance contracts to clients and finding a trusted and reputable drainage company to make a contract will be best for your home’s drainage. You can save the most with the cost-effective maintenance contract of MDS Drainage. We offer the most competitive prices and discounts in our maintenance contracts in Northeast Essex, North Essex, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, North Hertfordshire, Northeast Buckinghamshire, and East Buckinghamshire Area. But before that, it would be in your best interest to know how a maintenance contract works as not to get ripped off. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that with Mdsdrainage as we’ll explain all about maintenance contracts and why you should pick Mdsdrainage to make a contract with.

What is a maintenance contract?

A maintenance contract is a contract of mutual agreement between two parties, one party will provide service, and the other party will provide compensation. The best part of a maintenance contract is that it will give you a great piece of mind in case a drainage issue occurs because you’ll know who to call if there is a drain emergency. But keep in mind it’s essential you understand how trusted the drainage company is when you make a contract with the company. Most of all, you need to understand the contract before signing, or else you might get ripped off. But the first question you might have is.

Why you need a maintenance contracts

Many peoples don’t know why they need a maintenance contract and what a contract will provide them.

Piece of mind

A drainage problem is inevitable, and things can go wrong anytime. But with a maintenance contract in place, you’ll have a piece of mind. With benefits from services like regular maintenance, checkups, priority repair services, greater equipment efficiency, and many more you won’t have to worry about your drainage problems at your home or office.

Keep your home safe

With a maintenance contract in place, you can call the drainage company anytime in case an emergency issue arises. Maintenance contracts are designed so plumbers will fix the areas specified in the contract, so your home’s drainage stays safe. And our regular maintenance by our expert plumber will keep your home safe.

Decrease the chance of drainage issues in the future

A drainage maintenance contract exists precisely for this reason. Maintenance contracts are designed to help keep your drainage system working – efficiently all the time, meaning, regular checking of pipes and maintenance carried out to minimize the risk of future drainage problems. Mdsdrainge’s maintenance contracts offer routine maintenance to areas our client designated in the contract which will decrease the drainage issues in the future.

Saves you money

If you make a maintenance contract, it will cost you, but in the long run, the cost will be decreased significantly compared to the time when your home was maintained without a maintenance contract. Mdsdrainage will offer you a maintenance contract at competitive prices for all the drainage services so that you won’t lose extra money.

Keep your tenants safe and happy

If you are a homeowner and have tenants, then it’s essential your house’s drainage works properly. Because no one enjoys leaky taps, toilet, weak water pressure, blocked drains or sewer problem. And more so as drainage problem may cause structural problems and health issues if left alone. Of course, you won’t like them, but your tenants will hate these problems even more which may cause you to lose tenants. If you have a maintenance contract in place with a trusted and reputable drainage company like Mdsdrainage the drainage problems will be minimized with regular maintenance and your tenants will be happy.

Why make a contract with Mdsdrainage

Expert advice

You can get advice regarding your problems with our expert plumbers if you are facing a drainage problem. Mdsdrainage plumbers are friendly and good at what they do so if you have any problem don’t hesitate and consult us.


Many drainage companies offer discounts in specific situations when they make a contract. Mdsdrainage also provides discounts to our client’s in case we make a maintenance contract. The discounts may include:

  • 5%-20% off basic drainage repairs
  • Up to $150 off in drain line replacement.
  • Up to $150 drain installation.

Note: Condition applies.

Some other things you should keep in mind before signing a contract:

  • Checking the contract before signing is natural. Under no circumstances, you should sign a contract before checking. It will cost you dearly if you do that.
  • A maintenance contract should be written and should contain both party’s agreement on the contract.
  • You should check the maintenance target of your drainage system. Include the areas you want the company to work on in case of emergency problem occurs.
  • Check the price in the contract if the company is offering you the right amount — MDS Drainage offer market price or less in all our drainage services in our maintenance contracts.
  • Maintenance contracts should contain availability when their plumber can work. Don’t work with a company that doesn’t fit the bill of servicing regularly. Mdsdrainage availability is 24/7, and we can regularly maintain your household’s drainage system with our large team of plumbers.

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