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Mdsdrainage is one of the best drainage company which have been around for more than 30 years. We have the best drainage services including pipe descaling in East Buckinghamshire, Northwest Hertfordshire, East Hertfordshire, and Bedfordshire. Also paired with our veteran expert plumbers and CCTV camera we fall behind no other companies.

Specialized Knowledge and Tools for Pipe Descaling Services

Pipe descaling service is one of our most popular and distinguished services. We have built a name for ourselves over the years to homeowners and business owners alike. If you are having problems with your drainage system and you think the pipes are causing problems, then that’s an area you can’t do anything yourself. Because if you try to fix it yourself, the whole drainage system might get messed up which in return will cost you thousands of dollar. Descaling pipes require specialized knowledge and tools. So it’s prudent to get an expert on the job like Mdsdrainage.

What is Pipe Descaling Services?

Pipe descaling is a highly efficient and relatively new plumbing process. The process is designed to remove the buildup of scale and other debris from the inside of your plumbing pipes. Pipe descaling utilizes a specialized machine with specific attachments attached to a rotating cable to remove debris and other materials from the inside of your plumbing lines.

Cast-iron pipe

Cast-iron pipes are most used pipes in drainage systems and have been a sewer line mainstay for decades. These particular pipes have an average lifespan of 30-50 years. However, over time as the pipes come in touch with metals and moisture corrosion and rust naturally set in. If you leave the problem for long, then you may need to spend a hefty amount of money, but if you use pipe descaling, the spending will be reduced by a margin. But keep in mind if you wait too long pipe replacing becomes inevitable.

When do you need pipe descaling?

Over times, drainage lines may have a number of different things that can build up inside the pipe causing a more frequent and severe blockage. The primary method of clearing a blockage is hydro jetting nowadays. But sometimes hydro jetting can’t be used on the pipes that have become too fragile. In that case, pipe descaling is used instead. You should contact us immediately when these signs appear in your pipes.


Metal will rust over time if it comes in contact with water. And it’s inevitable that your sewer line or drain pipes will be affected by rust over time as the metal pipes come in direct contact with wastewater regularly. The rusts on the pipes slow the water flow of the drainage system, and the rust on the interior constricts the interior diameter of the pipe. If you notice rust in the pipes of your drainage system. Finally, it might be time to descale the pipes or even worse replace it if the rusts have caused the pipes to corrode.


Wastewater flow will etch a channel at the bottom of the pipe over time. And if left alone, will erode the through the pipe, weaken the pipe structure, and allow foreign materials to enter through the pipe. Eventually, the corrosion will lead to the belly of the pipe and may cause a collapse of the pipe which may affect the whole sewer line.

Save Money With Pipe Descaling

We Mdsdrainage have been around for decades, and we know our way around all kind of drainage problems. If you are having issues with slow flushing of toilet/sinks, or noise coming from the inside of the pipe call Mdsdrainage, and we’ll inspect the problem. And if the problem lies with the pipe, we’ll tell you if the pipe needs descaling or you need to replace the pipe. Keep in mind pipe replacement cost is considerably higher than pipe descaling. You’ll be able to save a lot if you notice problems with your pipe or even more once you make a maintenance contract with us. Because once you do— with our regular maintenance, we’ll notice the problem and inform you.

Traditional And Modern

Another reason our customers rely on us is we are always keeping with the time as we use both traditional and modern ways to solve the customer’s problem. Because of that, we have a variety of solutions for various issues depending on the situation. Mdsdrainage uses best-advanced technology and the best plumbers to descale pipes. We use high-quality grinding chain, hydro water jetting, water weevil system, power lance system amongst the various methods we use to descale pipes.

Call us to reduce your spending by descaling pipes, and we’ll send our best plumbers with the best equipment right away.

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